Sunday, July 3, 2011

Three Phase to Single using a 3Ø induction motor as generator

Common Micro Hydro Misconceptions

Hydro power - common misconceptions.

1. If there is a waterfall just let the falling water hit some paddles to which the generator is coupled and you are in business.
2. Rainwater running from the roof could be used to make electricity.
3. Hookup a turbine or Pelton wheel to your faucet, incoming waterline, or garden hose and you can keep the lights on for free. 
4. How about if I have a 2400 gallon tank 100 feet higher on a hill that fills up in 24 hours. How much electricity can I get? Answer: it will light up a night light continuously or brew coffee once in 24 hrs. (1800Watts for 10 min) 
Or 300Watt hrs  = .3Kwhrs about 2 cents worth.