Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Single Phase from a 3 Phase induction motor/generator


billywt said...

hi Robert,
Thanks for all the great info on PAT.
I found this and was wondering if you think it would work for 1000 gpm flow@100ft head ?

if it can be used as a turbine, any idea what kwh it might produce?

Rob said...

Hi Bill,
At 100 Ft head your water velocity would dictate a smaller diameter impeller to get the RPM up to 1800. A better match would be a 4X6X8 pump with perhaps a 20 to 30 HP 1800 RPM motor. You'll get maybe 5 to 8 KW. You could also try to find a 6 pole motor to put on this pump to bring the max power rpm down to 1200 RPM.

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