Monday, July 16, 2007

Protect hydraulic hoses

Twist the block around the plastic hose to make wiring harness or hose cover.

This is not the main thrust of this blog but I wanted to put this out there because it is useful and illustrates my philosophy of doing more with less. 

Here is a picture series for making a simple tool to make hydraulic hose covers out of scraps of plastic water pipe. I started with a block of oak, but pine should also work. Drill a hole large enough to accommodate the OD of the plastic pipe you would like to convert to hose cover or wiring harness. Work the point of the box cutter blade into the wood at a 30 to 45 degree angle until it protrudes into the hole about a quarter inch. Break or cut off the blade and grind flush on the outside of the block. Now just screw the block onto a piece of plastic pipe like in the first picture and voila! Custom hose covers or wiring harness of any length or diameter.


Rob said...

Cool blog idea. More! More! Need more picts!

Great! Hope you put up some more!

Charlie said...

Thankyou for creating this blog. the best part is that you enjoy the process and are willing to share. I am starting a small hydro project and will be riding your coat tails. I'm a retired roofer not an engineer. I have a lot of process ahead of me to enjoy.
Charlie Hotchkin