Monday, April 11, 2016

Recent developments in LENR

Leonardo Corporation announced today that on March 29, 2016, Leonardo Corporation received independent third party validation of the overwhelmingly positive results of a nearly yearlong test of Leonardo’s 1MW Energy Catalyzer (“E-Cat”).

According to the inventor, Andrea Rossi, the E-Cat generates a low energy nuclear reaction (“LENR”) which produces excess heat energy at a cost substantially below more traditional energy sources. According to the independent third party report, over the 352 day test period, the E-Cat consistently generated energy at a rate in excess of six (6) times the amount of energy consumed by the plant, often generating energy exceeding fifty (50) times the amount of energy consumed during the same period. According to Andrea Rossi, Leonardo Corporation considers the results of the third party test to be “an overwhelming success” and that “the world is one step closer to the realization of a commercially available new, clean and efficient energy source.”

The independent third party validation test was performed by Dr. Ing. Fabio Penon, a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering, at the behest of Leonardo Corporation Independent third party verification report on the sustainability of the energy production of the E-Cat (over a prolonged period) is due out within 2 weeks.

“Leonardo Corporation is working diligently with its licensees, corporate partners and material suppliers to implement a production and distribution plan consistent with the expected demand for the E-Cat units when they are made commercially available” stated Rossi.

Some thoughts on the side of caution from Jed Rothwell ...

" In the 21st century, the public and the regulators will never allow a nuclear reactor to be used *without 100% certainty that it is completely understood and fully in control*.
They may not allow it under any circumstances.

Before any machine like this can be used, thousands of individual prototype machines will have to be manufactured and tested by regulators, universities, national laboratories, insurance safety laboratories and many others, for many millions of hours. This is a massive undertaking that will require years and billions of dollars to complete. By the time it is finished, cold fusion reactors will be safer than combustion reactors and far safer than fission reactors.

As I said, once researchers learn how to control the reaction I am sure they will be able to dial up any COP they want. It is absurd to worry about this issue now. It is absurd to even discuss it. As long as the ratio is high enough to allow conclusive calorimetry, it makes no difference. For that matter, it makes no difference whether a reaction is 1 W, 10 W or 1 MW.  As long as you can measure it with confidence the only thing that matters is whether you can control it. An uncontrolled 1 MW reaction is useless. A well-controlled 1 W reaction is worth trillions of dollars, and if properly developed, it will produce revolutionary changes to our civilization."

Jed Rothwell

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