Friday, March 14, 2014

Why it has taken 25 years, so far, attempting to bring LENR to market.

Alternative energy sources based on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) are just beginning to be developed commercially, world wide. Many companies and governments are now involved in LENR research as shown by the links in my previous post. Unfortunately most are working to develop the technology for boiler replacements at large utility scale, fossil fuel burning, grid feeding, central energy suppliers.

The big corporate entities want to keep the technology away from home users under the guise of 'safety' and the unfortunate name(s) the technology has been given, even though it is much safer than any of todays fossil fueled home heating plants. 

The reason?...  an $800, two foot square box, that heats and provides 10kW of electricity for $50/year without burning fossil fuels would make the centralized grid obsolete overnight.  
LENR is clean, safe and the biggest threat to the whole fossil-fuel-electric-grid industry, because it makes possible decentralized energy. No grid needed. No monthly energy bills. 

So until this technology becomes more widely disseminated in the hands of the home heating contractor / installer we can just keep on paying our local Utility Company, and that is the way they like to keep doing business.  

But eventually, I see no reason that you won't be able to get your made in China, heating / electric box at Walmart, then plug it in and plumb it up just like a washing machine. 

No physical reason that is, but I'm sure the politicians and government bureaucrats with the help of Big Corporate Money will continue to slow things down to a crawl with tariffs, regulations and misinformation to keep central control firmly in their hand.

Literally, we need a new power to the people movement.

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ana ruiz said...

Hey Rob im new to the site, saw your post by someone mentioning you on an aviation forum . Regarding replacement of fuel engines ( one piston only) would it be possible for you to direct me as to what we would have in the future.

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