Monday, March 10, 2014

LENR reactor vessel nearing completion.

I have been kept busy lately just clearing snow and ice, but here is the latest regarding the new energy business. 

Also, see below for a picture of the start of my 4 inch X 8 inch research reactor vessel sitting on the corner of my SEM. Now if I can just find someone to re roof my house, clean up after my tenants left a big mess, repair a leaky cylinder on my backhoe, run my power-plant, etc, etc, I might actually be able to spend some time replicating some of the numerous experimental successes out there.

1/18/15  I acquired some nano powdered Ni and LiAlH4 to start the experimental phase of my research into LENR as soon as time permits - probably after ICCF19 in Padua It.


Larger companies working on LENR:

NASA LENR activity:

(This link seems to have 'broken' since I posted it.)
The 4th NASA slide features Rossi's 'Hot Cat' in operation. I was always very skeptical of Rossi but NASA seems to give him credibility, or were they just looking for a nice picture?

Mainstream mag:

Older video...

For the metals investors:

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