Thursday, August 1, 2013

Explaining LENR theory... How does this work?

I wanted to add this excellent clarification by David Niebauer to my previous post. Here is his conclusion:
Scientists have focused on the strong nuclear force due to the immense power that can be released from breaking the nuclear bond.  Less attention has been paid to the weak force, which causes transmutations and the release of energy in more subtle ways.  Recent theories that explain many of the phenomena observed in low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) implicate the weak force.  We are now at the stage where theory and experiment begin to complement each other to allow for the rapid transformation of the new science of LENR.
Journalistic disclosure:  David Niebauer is general legal counsel to Brillouin Energy Corp.

And the following by Krivit,

“The amount of heat generated from the Pons-Fleischmann discovery resembled a nuclear reaction. The tritium and helium produced were characteristic of a nuclear reaction. A research community developed as a result of the Pons-Fleischmann discovery. Central to this community is a utopian concept and hope for a world fueled by a new kind of clean nuclear reaction.
But there was a subtle but significant difference with the underlying physical mechanism: It was based primarily on weak interactions and neutron-capture processes, not fusion. Despite the growing body of experimental evidence that revealed this distinction, and despite all the attempts that Pons and Fleischmann's followers made to try to make LENR look like fusion, no amount of varnish could change the fact: "Cold fusion" too, was a myth. But LENR, which does not presume or assert a fusion mechanism, is real. “

( the above By Krivit, emphasis mine, Rob)

I'm not big on hair splitting semantics so if LENR can heat my house without burning more expensive, CO2 producing fossil fuels, lets get this train moving!

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Alain Coetmeur said...

The vision of Niebauer is interesting, and the notion of seduction is a nice image.
Weak interaction is an interesting direction, but currently there are no validated theory...
Brillouin is not far from Widom-Larsen...
Other direction are coherence, or screening... probably a mix.

just today, the slides of Yeong E Kim at ICCF18 get published on Uni Missouri site.
By the way it describes the Defkalion reactor.
I've synthetized quickly
and you can find the link inside...

After sometime following LENR I get convinced that I should not focus on theory. this domain have been plagues by theoretical consideration...
it was banned because theoretically impossible (a mistake by plasma physicist incompetent i lattice), and NiH was claimed improbable by LENR scientists themselves, for theoretical reasons... a huge error. ( )

best regards, and thanks to relay that emerging technology.

AlainCo the techwatcher of lenr-forum
exec summary: